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Special Event!

Certified Integrative Nutrition  Health and Wellness Coach Heather

at the Salt Oasis for a very special workshop on Sugar and Substitutes.


·        Gain knowledge of the dangers that sugar poses

·        Get to know the many names of sugar

·        Learn how to recognize the hidden sugars in your foods

·        Discover the truth about sugar substitutes.


Heather is a Certified Health Coach. She works with clients to help make simple changes and develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best to improve energy, balance, health and  happiness. She fund raises for “No Kid Hungry.’ She teaches portioning , sit down stretching, cooking 101, and much more. She is also a doTerra Essential Oils Advocate using doTerra  oils along with, moderate movement, nutritional intervention, meditation and other holistic methods in her programs.


“Very relaxing and calming, especially on a Friday night after a long work week!” Robin S. Upland, CA
“Talk about a rejuvenation!!! Just completed a session with Coach Heather Goodson. It was so relaxing and I felt so energized when I was done. Loved it! ” Anthony A. Rancho Cucamonga, CA
“Love this program and Coach Heather!”Bonne H. Westlake Village, CA

Coach Heather and the Salt Oasis’s goal is to provide you with a fun and educational experience
in a  relaxing, mineral infused and healing environment.
Contact Coach Heather 909-907-9180 to schedule this wonderful event for you, your family, friends and coworkers.

Here come the Holiday's Feasts  

It's that time of year again. Love ,laughter and an extra 20 pounds!
Don't panic! Join Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach Heather Goodson 
in a fun and informative workshop on portioning your food.
After this class you will be able to have your cake (turkey, stuffing, pasta, bread, cookies, etc) and eat them too!
This year make a different resolution on New Year's Eve! To have fun instead of worrying about your weight. 
Dress casual this could get messy.

This hands on event takes place whenever and wherever you want.
Just contact Coach Heather 909-907-9180 to schedule

Workshop on the many easy ways to detox your body and mind WITHOUT negative side effects. Detox and soak up 84 different minerals in the beautiful and beneficial Salt Oasis while learning these easy techniques. You will be surprised at the simple steps you can take for your overall wellbeing. In fact these are so easy and inexpensive (some are free) you can use them in your everyday life for optimal health! 
The Salt Oasis is a marvel in itself. It's salt therapy rooms can aid in respiratory inflamations, coughing, wheezing, exahsustion, allergies, anxiety, obesity, asthma and so much more.  A regular session at the Salt Oasis is $49.00 by itself. Enjoy this rejuvenating experience plus a $25.00 workshop for only $59.00 ($74.00 when purchased separately). That is  a savings of $15.00 . Tickets cannot be purchased at the Salt Oasis. For more information or to purchase tickets directly, contact Coach Heather 909-907-9180
Home or office workshops available.

Seats are extremely limited so purchase your tickets today!
Buy 2 tickets and save an additional $10.00!
doTerra Essential Oil 

Come and join  doTerra Essential Oils Advocate Coach Heather as she teaches you AND helps you make your own Essential Oil mixtures to take home. Remedies include (but not limited to) sun spots, insect & spider bites. Peppermint spray to keep spiders and mice away and more. Material fees $20.00 per person, includes 1-2 bottles of oil mixtures for you to keep. Additional bottles can be purchased at an additional cost.

Coach Heather 909-907-9180


doTerra 101

Learn all about doTerra and its Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in this fun and informative class. You pick the date and time, invite your family, friends and co-workers and I will do the rest!

Contact Coach Heather 909-907-9180

Moderate Movement and Meditation

Learn seated stretching and positive affirmations with Coach Heather
while absorbing 84 different minerals in the Salt Oasis Salt Cave.  

For more information and to  schedule contact Coach Heather 909-907-9180 

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